HOBBYWING North America is now accepting Driver Resumes for the upcoming 2017 Race Season.

If you are interested in joining our Race Team, please submit your application below. The registration is open from  Nov 8th - Nov 30th.  

>> 2017 SPD USA registration form

You will be asked to submit the following information. 

  • Your Name, Address, and Contact Phone Number
  • Your current sponsors and sponsorship level with each company
  • Your current race equipment (chassis, electronics, engines, fuel, etc)
  • List all Regional and National Level Race Results from 2015 & 2016
  • Include 2-3 A-Main sheets from your best finishes in 2016
  • Pictures of yourself, your cars, and of any major podiums are always great
  • 4 Racing References w/ Phone Number & Email
  • Last but not least, your social media IDs including Facebook, Instagram, and or twitter to show your social media promotion skill. 

I will be accepting Driver Resumes throughout the entire month of November. Those drivers who have been selected to join our HOBBYWING America Race Team will be notified by December 15th!

Thank You and Good Luck!

Ron Schuur

Team USA Manager