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Team HWNA - Lesson 1: Why you are here.

Begin with a story..
Let me share a story with you. 
I personally know a formal F1 driver as well as F3 drivers.  Most of time, those positions are almost treated as the ultimate goal and not many people can actually experience what it takes to get there.  They all played the position not because they were lucky but because they earned.  It is no accident to say that they all agree to know the secrete of winning, especially at the highest level such as F1, or even F3 and others.  So, I asked.  " What is the secret?".    Surprisingly, they all answered the same....

The secret of winning the game of anything?   
It boils down to the question of how much you prepare your mental condition before the final race. 

This is something people usually don't share as it is known as the Zen + Science among world class drivers including athletes   Making a long story short, try to practice 80% of time on ' Mental training', and 20% on your physical exercise.

This is true for top level martial artists as well which I was personally got involved back in 80s. 

1. Condition your mind-set:

Most of drivers tent to focus on 'skills', 'setting', and ' the way they look'.  
They tent to show off by dressing up lousy shirt with 'Punk music' like presentation.  Their aim is to make themselves 'stand-up among others'.  therefore, the outlook of it becomes very loud and vivid naturally. Dont' get me wrong, I am not here to say that it is bad thing. If you think of it from sponsor position including myself, it totally makes sense. We want you to stand out among others so that our brand image can spread  as much and fast as possible..  is that right???..   It is just a fact and the most of people adapted to this sort of culture.  " LOOK, We are Big, Special, and Strong!"   Nahh... Hobbywing of North America doesn't think so.. We believe, that is very old school way of advertising and doing business including nurturing  the R/C culture - the ultimate lifestyle.

Let say, you are caught up by the old-school culture or even begin to practice the similar life style so called ' flashy branding,  you will soon focus only on how to 'win' the game.  Another worlds, if you don't win the game, does it mean you are a loser?     

No...  absolutely not.   But as long as you are competing among others, (therefore you are required to act stronger than others, flashy than others, and more famous than others...   things actually happen without you prefer or not..

" Things that you should know.."

1. Your heat beat raise up subconsciously, especially when you are at a race track.  As your heart beat faster while without practicing a proper breathing technique, the amount of oxygen into your body reduces dramatically. Result?, electric pulse signals from your brain won't release as fast as 'Natural condition- ZS (Zen State).  

That is the reason why people make mistakes during the racing while one got TQ on a dry run of the same track.  As you know, this is the most exciting part of the entire game.  You see, you are no different than the world top driver at there. Perhaps, you are better drivers than any others as you have already QT'd without pro's help..

What you need to practice daily is that you want to control your mind-set to be calm, peaceful, positive no matter what conditions you may be surrounded at.

The heart rate of the world's greatest drivers indicate very calm and almost remains the same pulse as they were walking at normal speed. This means they subconsciously learned how to ' breathe' when they are racing.   Every time you encounter surprises or problems in daily life, try to remember this is your opportunity to practice how to condition yourself during the final race event in future. 

2. Build your mental theatre:

Every successful athletes practice the same exact race in their mind prior to the actual racing.  They usually do it before sleep the day before the final. This is extremely important. That is the reason why it requires you practice mental level training at 80% of your total time given to prep. 

If you can not race in your mind at the most ideal way, you are NOT ready to race.  

You may only have 30 mins to feel the track physically,  or you may have a doubt on the setting of your vehicle.  It does not matter when you go out for the race.  All greatest drivers tell us that they had to do it with or without so called ' unexpected conditions'. In fact, the fastest F1 driver ever in history, Ayrton Senna,  he actually drove faster than the simulation generated by a super computer although the condition of the vehicle was not tuned in a perfect... He again, spent 80% or more on mental preparation and 20% on the physical training / practice

3. S.M.A.R.T

The most of successful people no longer work harder.  You don't have to spend too much money or time on anything. 

'Working hard' does not mean being ' Effective'. 

Of course, every one works hard.  But is it really?
Instead, we work SMART.

You can apply this technique to your racing culture or even to your lifestyle. 

S.M = Self Monitoring

The first two letters S and M = Self Monitoring
You will be constantly monitoring your behavior, either at work, school, or racing.   When you do get into a trouble, practice the #2. BYMT (Build Your Mental Theatre).

A = Analysis

Analyze your race throughly.  90% of drivers forget everything after the competition.  This is the same for eduction, business, and entertainment world.  You are 'investing every second of your live' when you attend a competition.  The ultimate value comes AFTER the race. Whether you win or comes the 2nd or others, the result actually matter less. The most important thing that you want to do is that you need to look back and ' Simulate the same race clearly' in your mind set . You can also review the same through video, etc. 
No matter how perfect you think you did, there will be always something to learn. 
Only way you can improve yourself without ' hoping to win' next time, is that you need to analysis your game throughly.   Every top drivers do the same.  So why not copy their secret :)

R= Report

After you complete your own analysis, try to transfer your new knowledge to someone or covert it into writing, voice message, video, etc.  This is so called ' Mastering process'. 
If you can explain to someone what you just learned, you finally know you have acquired the new knowledge.  For the same reason, I admire if you submit your 'report' in future to me. ( rather than just the result of the racing)  it is very valuable to know what makes you make a mistake, or what makes you succeed consistently   Is it the setting? or the particular finger move?, the type of compound you used for the first time?  You will begin to notice those things become less and less as you race more and more. 
Was it how much of sleep you got before the race?  or simply what you ate in the morning?..    

T= Technology 

Once you acquire new knowledge, it is time to convert it into 'wisdom'.  
Knowledge can be obtained by ' studying / analyzing' 
But Wisdom' can not be obtained until you observe and 'experience it..  
Go back to your home track and practice so that you can master your new knowledge. 

This is the main objective of ' Practice'.  You have now learned the professional way of 'practice'.  It is a systematic, effective, and technologically advanced. way of doing things.  You may not need a long time to try this practice method.  So, you send less time on field, but you know exactly why you will be practicing before you start. 

Every race you will attend now on, you will become smarter and smarter. This is the secrete of mastering your R/C, further more your entire Lifestyle can be designed and mastered.

Congratulations and welcome to Team HWNA.



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