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Shawn Hartwig tests HW JUSTOCK ESC + XeRun 21.5T Brushless Motor

Driver's Report

Justock ESC & 21.5T Brushless Motor
Gens Ace 7.4v  30C 5300 mah Lipo Battery

This is my first track test with the new HobbyWing set up. Today was open practice at our local Indoor carpet track in Kingston.

Brakes- The brakes are set at 100% and working really well when I need them.

Drag Brake - The drag brake is set at 25%.  So far this seems to be working well for me. I will leave this as my setting for now.

1st run @ 5 minutes

I pushed it as hard as I could on the straight stretches while trying to maintain a constant rate of speed.
The temperature only reached 109 degrees. I really think this is because of the vent holes in the motor. This is the first brushless motor I have run with vents in it. I must say it works well as my other motor would reach almost 140 degrees after 5 minutes of running.

Second run @ 5 minutes.

Engine was only 104 degrees. Good speed and breaking power. The speed has increased enough that the back end of my car is now coming around on me in the corners. I have had to reposition the angle of the spoiler at the back to try and increase the down force.
I have also removed the rear sway bar and loosened the rear springs a little as well as the front springs.

3rd run @ 5 minutes.

Engine temp 106 degrees. The back end was way better. I was able to push it harder into the corners resulting in faster laps. Another adjustment in the rear should finish the set up. I will go back to the stock blue springs.

4th run 10 minutes

134 degrees. 

I am really happy with this combo for sure. What a difference. 
Being able to customize it track side with the LCD programable box is a big plus for sure.

Recorded by
Shawn Hartwig, HWNA Driver
Dec 2012

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