XRotor P-Series BL Water Pump


Yuour choice: 5L

MAP $69.99  | MSRP $112.00

EFC- Electrical Flow Control Pump 

The Brushless water pump is approximately 3-5 times the life of an ordinary water pump. It can be used for more than 500 hours without worrying about pump damage, frequent replacement and any delay in operations. The pump is integrated with both temperature and current protection. These protection functions effectively reduce the loss of overheating the water pump due to sudden failure.

Features / Why you need this?
  • Pump for Plant Protection.
  • Support voltages of up to 14 lithium batteries to meet needs and demand in the market.
  • Intelligent protection includes overcurrent, temperature, start-up voltage, and more.
  • The ESC throttle travel is fixed at 1050 1950 us and does not support throttle travel calibration.
  • Standard product has seal protection treatment, waterproof, and can be used in wet and rainy weather.
P/N  Model Size
Max Current  Lipo Rating Weight Size
EFC Water Pump
12-14S 378g 118*76*52mm
EFC Water Pump 8L 10A 12-14S 626g 138*96*69mm

>> Download User's Manual-5L Pump 
>> Download User's Manual-8L Pump 

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