HOBBYWING Brushless Technology

XRotor FPV Combo (2205 motors) for Drone Racing


Title: Combo-H (38040013)

Limited stocks 

FPV Combo designed for Drone Racing
Reliable, High responsive brushless system
BLHeli / Oneshot ready

What's in the box.
    • 4x Xrotor-Micro-2-4S
    • 2x XRotor-2205-TITANIUM-CW-V1
    • 2x XRotor-2205-TITANIUM-CCW-V1
    • Multi-purpose T-Socket Wrench 
FPV POWER SYSTEM Combo - Type schedule


Type sku ESC Motor
G 38040012 Xrotor-Micro-30A BLHeli-S-Dshot600 XRotor-2205-2300KV-G1
H 38040013 Xrotor-Micro-30A BLHeli-S-Dshot600 XRotor-2205-2600KV-G1


Factory Edition available
  • Innovative firmware exclusively developed by HOBBYWING technology
BLHeli 20A 2-4S BLHeli 30A 2-4S
BLHeli 35A 3-6S

30901066 30901071 30901070
Application FPVs with 130-280mm Diagonal Wheelbase FPVs with 130-280mm Diagonal Wheelbase FPVs with 150-330mm Diagonal Wheelbase
LiPo Power input 2-4S 2-4S 3-6S
20A 30A 35A
Burst Current 30A 40A 50A (burst in 10 sec)
BEC Output


Input wires 20AWG-100mm* (Red/Black) 18AWG-100mm* (Red/Black)

18AWG-100mm* (Red/Black)

Output Wire Solder tabs (no wires) Solder tabs (no wires) Solder tabs (no wires)
no (raw wires) no no
Weight / Size 7g/24.0x13.9x5.5mm 7g/24.0x13.9x5.5mm 10g/36.5x16.7x5.5mm

* Note: All the wire length above is the original length, not the length you see from the outside. 

Warranty note
**  All ESCs purchased from Hong Kong / Chinese retailers do not confirm CE / North America regulation - Products deems non-warranty.
- eBay, Banggood, and/or any discount online stores are not authorized dealer in North America. 
Optional devices