Ultimate RC - Mars Ingenuity

on febrero 24, 2021

Our hobby activities do not stay here. If you can work as hobby, what else you need?   Work does not have to be painful experience. You can learn and make the great result while having fun!  

Mar's Ingenuity's mission: 

A technology demonstration to test the first powered flight on Mars. The helicopter rode to Mars attached to the belly of the Perseverance rover.

Solar powered (staged charging), automated flight control integrated with highly customized ESC and brushless motors. Be sure to pay attention to the design of props. They are not the usual props you see on earth, folks. :)  How will she respond to unknown environment w/ less dense atmosphere with low gravity?   Very exciting to find out!. 

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HOBBYWING Xrotor piloting by Dunkan Bossion

on enero 20, 2017

Drone vs Drifting


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Scottie Brewer, SPD #FollowScottieRC

By FalconSEKIDO RC Division
on julio 19, 2014

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Well I'm proud to announce the scare bus made another successful trip. We loaded up and went to White Rock New Mexico for the border wars series. I ended up finishing 3rd Open Buggy 3rd Open Truggy and 4th in short course. I have to say I'm really lucky to have such a good group of guys to race with. Scott Harrell David Reighley James Shelton Tyler Heddin Keevin SharpJohn Woodruff Ken Havins & the man without a FB Page Bryan Beck. Thank you guys for letting me continue to hang out with y'all. While playing with these toy cars are fun, hanging out with y'all is with out a doubt the most memorable part of every trip. Thank you! I also have to say thank you to my sponsors I have done a lot of racing this year without the best if results. So thank you for continuing to support me! AKA Products Inc.Team Losi Racing For The Win Hobbywing of North America Falcon SekidoVenom RC Radiopost RC VP Racing Fuels Vpprousa Racing



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Andrew Jae Smolnik, SPD took 2014 JBRL @ Pegasus Hobbies

By FalconSEKIDO RC Division
on julio 14, 2014

Had a great time this weekend attending the 2014 JBRL @ Pegasus Hobbies. Thanks very much to my sponsors for their excellent support and great products!


Andrew Jae Smolnik, HOBBYWING driver, SPD co-sponsored by FalconSEKIDO



HOBBYWING driver Eddie Bernal wins JConcept Indoor National Summer

By FalconSEKIDO RC Division
on julio 14, 2014
Eddie Bernal SPD wins JConcept Indoor National Summer 
17.5 expert stock buggy and win fast qualifier!
Thanks you for everyone's support leaded by a team manager Ron, 
 Congrats, Eddie!
Eddie Bernal SPD:
HOBBYWING team driver, Home base: OCRC, Southern California USA