Cooling Fan 2507 (12V)

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Cooling Fan for ESC
Please choose the correct cooling fan for different applications. 
  • 12V/13,000RPM
  • Copper bush/non-waterproof
  • w/o plug, wire length=40MM
Type p/n Battery

5V Cooling Fan

86080000 For 4-5 Cell NiMH
2S LiPo Batteries

12V Cooling Fan

86080020 For 7-12 Cell NiMH
3-4S LiPo Batteries
1.1 Input: 7-12 cell NiMH or 3-4S LiPo. 
  • For 4-6 cell NiMH or 2S LiPo: No need to change the 5V cooling fan on the ESC
  • For 7-9 cell NiMH or 3S LiPo: Please choose a 12V cooling fan or supply the 5V fan from the receiver (+6V)
  • For 10-12 cell NiMH or 4S LiPo: Please choose a 12V cooling fan and cut the output of the built-in BEC. Supply the receiver with a UBEC (An additional external DC-DC regulator)
1.2 Size:  5V: 24.5mm (L) * 24.5mm (W) * 7mm (H)
              12V: 24.5mm(L) * 24.5mm(W) * 7mm(H)
1.3 Weight: 7.2g 

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