Return Merchandise Procedure

✓ Please read the warranty terms and conditions before proceeding with this page.

Manual Returning procedure:
 STEP 01:  Submit Return Merchandise Authorization Request Form
Download RMA request (right click, "save link as") 

Please "download" the RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) request form to your desktop first before filling in all the information.

STEP 02:  Email the form to our RMA Division
Email it to,  Subject: RMA # request from [ your name ]
Our support team will issue a return authorization number (RA#) and the return address accordingly.

 STEP 03:  Receive RMA inspection report
You will receive the inspection report in 5-10 business days.  If there is a cost for repair or replacement, you will be informed at the same time. 
    You MUST obtain a return authorization number (RA#) before you return the product to RMA division.
    RMA division will NOT perform a repair or replacement service without RA#.

    Non Warranty Service:

    If you have purchased HW product outside of the Authorized Dealer Network, we are more than happy to help you. However, these products will be deemed non-warranty service.  We will provide you the estimate after our technician's review. Buyer must submit RMA request form and send the product along with a copy of the original receipt, or we suggest you to return it to the original store. HOBBYWING North America| FalconSEKIDO will not reimburse shipping for items sent in.  HOBBYWING North America| FalconSEKIDO is not responsible for lost or stolen items once they are in the possession of the shipping company. 


    RMA Summary & Checklist

    1. Submit a RMA request form to, Subject: RMA # request from [ your name]

    • RA# will be issued as soon as all information is reviewed by our certified engineer. 
    • If you have a problem submitting digitally, please fax it to 1 (877) 818-7488. 
    • Any package sent without RA# will be ignored and the package will NOT be sent back. - NO EXCEPTIONS
    • A return address will be assigned on a per case basis. You will be informed when you receive the RA#.

    2. Prepare the shipping contents

    • A return/ repair product (keep all end connectors, DO NOT send batteries or non-claimed product)
    • A proof of purchase.  If you purchased from, a receipt is not necessary. 
    • Place the product label on the RMA form.

    3. Ship the package to RMA division

    • Obtain a tracking number.
    • Return address will be assigned based on type of damage or inspection required.

    4. Inform of the the package tracking number.

    5. You will receive a Repair Service Inspection Report

    • You will receive a RMA Inspection report from an Official HOBBYWING inspector. Our RMA department processes each case on a first come first served basis.  The average return period is 5 -10 days.
    Terms & Conditions: PLEASE READ EVERYTHING
    HWNA's obligation for defective product shall be limited to repair or replace (at HOBBYWING’s sole discretion) the defective product free of charge if HOBBYWING determines the product failed due to defects in material and workmanship. Buyer is responsible for shipment to HWNA and bears all costs and risks associated with this transportation; HWNA is responsible for return shipment fees to Buyer. If no defect is found after inspection (“Non Defective”) or the item is not qualified under warranty conditions, HWNA shall charge Buyer for return shipment and a minimum repair or replacement fee. 
    Buyer is required to provide the evidence of the date that a product was delivered (e.g. the proof of the purchase) and "a valid product label" to verify warranty (comes with the product box). 

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      HOBBYWING Cap - Urban Hunter Limited Edition HOBBYWING Cap - Urban Hunter Limited Edition
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    • HOBBYWING Official Cap - FLEXFIT 'HW' Black
      HOBBYWING Official Cap - FLEXFIT 'HW' Black HOBBYWING Official Cap - FLEXFIT 'HW' Black
    • HOBBYWING Official [T] Mark-II
      HOBBYWING Official [T] Mark-II HOBBYWING Official [T] Mark-II
    • HW Unisex Hoodie - NTNC Limited Edition
      HW Unisex Hoodie - NTNC Limited Edition HW Unisex Hoodie - NTNC Limited Edition
    • HOBBYWING Cap - Mark II
      HOBBYWING Cap - Mark II HOBBYWING Cap - Mark II

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