2911 Propeller & Propeller Adapter for Xrotor Pro X8

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Accessory parts for XRotor Pro X8

P/n  Title
2x 2911 Propeller -CW
2x 2911 Propeller -CCW
30820300BD 8x 2911 Propeller (4xCW + 4xCCW)
30820300BD5 40x 2911 Propeller (20xCW + 20xCCW)


  • X8 series is designed for Agricultural application or logistics transportation. farmland. Agricultural UAV features high thrust, heavy loaded, good anticorrosive and antirust performance. Due to heavy motor/ESC, its thrust effect is lower compared to aerial photography UAV. It focuses on the durability and long term reliability. In contrast, Aerial photography UAV features a high thrust effect. It requests highly on reliability and stability than plant protection UAV.  Due to lightweight motor / ESC, it is not recommended to use it in a sever / harsh environment.
  • Bulk order requests available. 

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