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EZRUN MAX10 SCT Combo (2-3S)


Size: Max10 SCT-A (3660SL 3200kv) 2-3S

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MAP $121.99 | MSRP $172

1/10th Short-course Truck / Truggy
Monster truck (4WD)


What's in the box? 
    p/n Combo  ESC Motor kv Lipo Rating
    38010200 Max10 SCT-A Ezrun Max10 SCT Ezrun 3660SL G2 3200 2-3s
    38010201 Max10 SCT-B Ezrun Max10 SCT Ezrun 3660SL G2 4000 2-3s
    38010202 Max10 SCT-C Ezrun Max10 SCT Ezrun 3660SL G2 4600 2s
    38010203 Max10-A Ezrun Max10 Ezrun 3652SL G2 3300 2-3s
    38010204 Max10-B Ezrun Max10 Ezrun 3652SL G2 4000 2-3s
    38010205 Max10-C Ezrun Max10 Ezrun 3652SL G2 5400 2s


    EZRUN 3660 SL G2 Brushless motor

    Ezrun Series 3660 SL G2 3660 SL G2 3660 SL G2
    KV 3200 4000

    P/n 30402650 30402651 30402652
    LiPo 2-3S 2-3S

    R. (Ω)
    0.0083 0.0060
    4.9A 5.7A 7.2A
    Motor Diameter
    & Length
    Φ=36 / L=60 Φ=36 / L=60 Φ=36 / L=60
    Shaft Diameter
    & Length
    Φ=5 / L=18.5 Φ=5 / L=18.5 Φ=5 / L=18.5
    Steel Pinion
     25T 5MM 48P
    23T 5MM 48P
    21T 5MM 48P
    Pole 4 4 4
    Weight (g) 262 268 262

    Bearing size: Front / Rear D5*D11*t4
    ++ Important notes +++
    "Minimum 70C suggested, lower C rating may be okay, however it will not provide the intended experience. Also, How Power Plugs must be used. The surface area of your plugs, must be "larger" than the wires installed or you will very likely have problems. TRX, "T Plug", EC plugs, and "Deans" are not suggested for today's upgraded electronics setups."

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    Programming devices (purchase separately):
    Manual download

     Ezrun Max10 SCT ESC

     Ezrun 3660SL brushless motor 

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