FLYFUN 100A-HV Opto V4

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FLYFUN Series (Advanced)
1  Specifications

1.1 Output: Continuous 100A, Burst 120A up to 10 Secs.
1.2 Input Voltage: 5-12 cell LiPo or 5-36 cell NiCd/NIMH battery.   
1.3 BEC: None.
1.4 Control Signal Transmission: Optical
1.5 Max Speed: 210,000rpm for 2 Pole BLM, 70,000rpm for 6 pole BLM, 35,000rpm for 12 pole BLM.
                               (BLM: BrushLess Motor)
1.6 Size: 78mm (L) * 55mm (W) * 15mm (H).
1.7 Weight: 112g. 

2  Features

2.1 Safety Arming Feature: Regardless of the throttle stick position, the motor will not spin after battery is connected.
2.2 Throttle Calibration: Throttle range can be configured to provide best throttle linearity, fully compatible with all available transmitters.
2.3 Programmable Items:
       Brake Setting: brake enabled / brake disabled.
       Battery Type: Li-xx (Li-ion or LiPo) / Ni-xx (NiMH or NiCd).
       Low Voltage Protection Mode(Cutoff Mode): Gradually reduce the output power / Cutoff the output power.
       Low Voltage Cutoff Protection Threshold (Cutoff Threshold): low / medium / high.
       Start Mode: normal / soft / very soft.
       Timing: low / medium / high.
       LiPo Battery Cells: Auto calculate / Set the cell number manually.
       Reset: reset all the programmable items to default settings.
2.4 Full Protection Features: Low voltage cutoff protection / Over-heating protection / Throttle signal loss protection.
3   Advantages
3.1 Military standard capacitor with extreme low resistance decreases unwanted RF interference during flying.
3.2 Extreme low resistance PCB is used at the power output section. Total thickness of copper layers is more than 0.7mm giving the whole ESC super current endurance capability.
3.3 Large heat sink has great cooling effect.
3.4 Compatible with Hobbywing’s Program Card  (Purchase Separately)