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HOBBYWING Brushless Technology

QUICRUN 2435 SL motor SE


KV: 4500KV
MSRP $42

4 POLE for 1:16 & 1:18 Cars & Trucks


  • High Efficiency means more POWER while keeping TEMP low!

  • 4 pole rotor design for stronger torque, the motor has strong explosive force.

  • Compared with the previous generation of motors, the output power and efficiency are increased by more than 4%, and the motor temperature is effectively reduced under the same load.

  • 0.2mm thick silicon steel laminations, high strength explosion-proof rotor,high-temperature resistant coil, and imported high-precision and high-quality bearings make the motor super durable.


KV  4500KV  or 6500KV
 Lipo Cells 2S
No-load Current (A) 2.1A / 4500kv. | 3.4A / 6500kv
Dia/Length φ=24mm(0.94") L=36mm(1.42")
Shaft Dia / Length φ=2mm(0.08") L=12mm(0.47")
Bearing size D8*D3*T4
Pole 4
Weight 61.2g
Applications 1/16&1/18 On-road, Off-road

Manual download:

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