RMA Express Registration

Warranty Type: RMA Express Exchange Service
SKU: RMA180224

 HOBBYWING Express Exchange Program

  • Please purchase HOBBYWING RMA Express Registration (FREE)
  • Upon we receive your order, HOBBYWING Service Center (North America facility) will approve your Express exchange service.
  • Please leave your Ticket # in the memo window when you check out. 

  • This ticket is Free and used to open your express service. (No credit card information is required)
  • Once we receive your request with your name, shipping address, etc, we will issue an invoice separately.  
  • The case number is valid for next 30 days.
What NOT to do.
  • If you have purchased from HOBBYWINGDirect.com, no registration required - Your profile has been created. Please do NOT duplicate your profile. 
  • If you have processed RMA repair service in past, DO NOT purchase this ticket or your profile will be duplicated. You may not receive a further notice.  

Should you have any questions, please reply to your original ticket number. 

Click here to review the guideline.