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XERUN V10 G3R Motor - SPEC Class (13.5T-25.5T)


Size: G3R 25.5T

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V10 G3R-SPEC Class (13.5T-25.5T)

13.5T, 17.5T 1/10th STOCK Class Racing
21.5T, 25.5T 1/10th STOCK Class Racing, Rock Crawler

DESIGN matters. It’s a motor specially designed for Extremely High-Level Racing. The RMP of G3 Stock motor is significantly improved, the KV & torque are improved by 16% and 4% respectively, compared with the V10 G2 Stock motor.

  • Improved Power & RPM
    The optimized stator structure combined with the super magnetic rotor improves the G3R Stock motor’s
    torque by 13.3%, KV value by 6.5% and maximum output power by 8.6% when compared to the V10
    G3 Stock motor. The high torque, RPM and power make it a “secret weapon” for the Stock class racing.
  • Low Resistance but High Efficiency
    Its resistance is reduced by 11% but the efficiency is improved by 6% when compared to the V10 G3 Stock motor.
    The super high efficiency significantly slow down the temperature increase.
  • Super Lightweight
    The G3R Stock weighs only 139g and is 8.6% lighter than some
    popular Stock motors (that weigh 152g) on the market. The light-weight
    motor allows drivers to easily control the balance of their RC vehicles.
  • Great Heat Dissipation
    The special shell design which makes the stator core (/laminations)
    expose to the air will maximize cooling, the big holes on the front &
    rear end plates will guarantee outstanding heat dissipation.
  • Re-buildable Structure
    The detachable structure design for regular cleaning & maintenance will effectively prolong the service life of the motor and retain its efficiency.
  • Stock & Optional Rotors
    The stock super magnetic rotor(PN: 30820411) for 13.5-21.5T motor is applicable to the Blinky stock racing. Change optional titanium shaft weak magnetic rotor (PN30820416) is applicable to BOOST Stock variable angle racing, with higher power output and lower temperature of motor.
  • High-quality Components
    The use of high-performance stator core (/laminations), heat(200℃)-resistant pure copper wire, heat(180℃)-resistant rotor with strong structure, world-class high precision and high strength bearings, and copper solder tabs with super current endurance will guarantee excellent performance and great durability.

STOCK SPEC motors (13.5T-25.5T)

13.5T- 21.5T
  • 2 POLE Super High-Efficiency brushless motor
  • Diameter/Length (mm): Ø=35.9mm L=50.5mm
  • Shaft Diameter/ Length (mm): Ø=3.17mm L=13.3mm
  • Diameter/Length (mm): Ø=35.9mm L=51.2mm
  • Shaft Diameter/ Length (mm): Ø=3.17mm L=13mm
p/n T KV LiPo
(Ω) No-load
Power (A)
30401130 13.5 3600 2-3 0.0226 4.1 240 59 Φ7-12.5
30401131 17.5 2750 2-3 0.0375 3.2 188 42 Φ7-12.5
30401132 21.5 2300 2-3 0.0575 2.7 137 32 Φ7-12.5
30401133 25.5 1780 2-3 0.102 2.1 95 23 Φ7-12.3


  • The KV value is measured when no load is applied to the motor, the motor timing is set to the value by default and the ESC timing is set to Zero. The default timing for the 3.5T~8.5T motors is 30 degrees, and the default timing for the 10.5T~25.5T motors is 40 degrees.
  • Never allow the motor to get overheat, because high temperatures may affect its performance. Please let the motor cool down before using it again in case that it gets too hot.
  • The input current corresponding to the maximum output power can be instructive for load configuration & ESC selection, we strongly suggest not allowing the load to be higher than the input current corresponding to the maximum output power. 


Warranty terms and conditions, please review here

To avoid short circuits, ensure that all wires and joints must be well insulated before connecting the motor to related devices.

  • Never allow this product or other electronic components to come in contact with water, oil, fuel or other electro-conductive liquids. If it happens, stop the use of the product immediately and let it dry carefully.
  • Read through the manuals of all power devices and chassis and ensure the power configuration is rational before using this unit.
  • Never apply full throttle if the pinion gear is not mounted on, because (under the no-load circumstances) high RPMs may get the motor damaged.
  • Connect all the devices carefully, you may not control the vehicle properly or encounter some unpredictable issues like damaged components if any poor connection exists.
  • To avoid possible damage (result from overheat) to the product, please control the soldering time within 5 seconds when soldering the motor wires (a soldering iron with the power of at least 60W is needed).
  • Stop immediate usage once the casing of the motor exceeds 100℃/212℉ as high temperature may damage the motor and cause the rotor to demagnetize. Hobbywing recommends activating the “Motor Thermal Protection” (of the ESC).

 User's Manual 

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