XR10 Pro ESC Combo

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★★★★★ | Combo Value $365

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What's in the box?
P/N Combo Name Motor Name
38020214 XR10Pro-A XERUN V10 3.5T G2 
38020215 XR10Pro-B XERUN V10 4.5T G2
38020216 XR10Pro-C XERUN V10 5.5T G2
38020217 XR10Pro-D XERUN V10 6.5T G2
38020218 XR10Pro-E XERUN V10 7.5T G2
38020219 XR10Pro-F XERUN V10 8.5T G2
38020220 XR10Pro-G XERUN V10 10.5T G2
38020222 XR10Pro-H XERUN V10 13.5T G2
38020224 XR10Pro-I XERUN V10 17.5T G2
38020226 XR10Pro-J XERUN V10 21.5T G2
XR10Pro-K XERUN V10 25.5T G2