XERUN 3656 sensored Motor for 1/10 Off Road vechicle

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New generation available 
XERUN 3660SD or Xerun 3652SD


Discontinued | MSRP $128  BEST SELLER

★★★★★   Best Match with Xerun SCT PRO ESC & Xerun 120A V3.1 ESC
Up to 15% More Power
20% More Light Weight
22% More Compact!
And More...
  • Xerun 3656 SD Motor, 3400kv, 4000kv, 4700kv.
  • Sensor motor has the best control feeling and best performance.  
  • Compared with XERUN-3672SD motor, XERUN-3656SD has 4 poles rotor, it has bigger torque, higher efficiency and larger power, best for 1/10 scale 4WD SCT.
  • XERUN-3672SD is 2 pole 3 slots motor, compliant with international pro racers' rule.
  • High quality materials:
    • Aluminum shell (case)
    • High quality magnets         
    • Copper wires of high temperature endurance         
    • High quality bearings
  • Dust-proof.
  • The "U" shape connectors are easily for soldering

XERUN Series Sensored Brushless Motor for 1/10th


Xerun 3656

Xerun 3656

Xerun 3656

 KV (no Load) 3400 Kv 4000 Kv 4700 Kv
POLE 4 4 4
LiPo (V) 2-3S 2-3S 2S
No Load Current (A) 3.80 5.10 5.90
Max. Output Power* 450W 470W 490W
Max. Amp* 107A 113A 116A
Diameter (mm) 35.8 35.8 35.8
Length w/o Shaft (mm) 56 56 56
Shaft dia. (mm) 5 5 5
Shaft length (mm) 18 18 18
Weight  210 210 206
Recommended Combo.  SCT-C3 SCT-C2 SCT-C1

► The “Maximum Output Power” is measured with 7.4V input voltage and ESC at ZERO timing. This parameter is neither the “maximum input power” nor the “rating power”, it is calculated by “RPM x Torque / 9550”. Because each factory runs a different testing platform, the above data may vary.

► Max Amp is the “Current at Max Output Power” It is a guide used for selecting the suitable power system (ESC, Motor, Gear ratio, etc.) If the actual input current of the power system is bigger than the peak parameter stated in the above table, this means that the power system settings/configuration is over its peak (or in other words, “overloaded”.) 

► The “KV” is measured without any load on the motor and ESC at ZERO timing. Do NOT run the motor without load for long periods of time (1 minute), otherwise the motor may overheat. 

Manufacture limited warranty Information
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