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XERUN 2848

Are you in search of a small motor with tremendous power? So was the HOBBYWING engineering team, prompting their decision to unveil the ultimate compact sensor-based brushless motor. This sensored brushless motor, measuring 28mm in diameter and 48mm in length, with a 3.175mm pinion shaft (Standard 1/8 inch), is the latest addition to the XERUN series. Drawing inspiration from the styling of larger XERUN motors, this 4-pole motor is available in multiple KV ratings. This tiny powerhouse is ready for your next custom mini build.



The pursuit of the perfect balance between price and performance can often feel overwhelming. HOBBYWING's QUICRUN Series has long been recognized as a standard in cost-friendly, performance-packed, and reliable electronics, and it now introduces a new sensored 120-amp model. The QUICRUN 10BL120-Sensored G2 is poised to enhance your next build or RTR upgrade with its impeccable sensor-based ESC.