Hobbywing Technology

XERUN XR8 series

Model XR8 Plus G2S XR8 PRO G3
Cont./Peak Current 200A/1080A 200A/1080A
Motor Type Sensored / Sensorless Brushless Sensored / Sensorless Brushless
Main Applications 1/8th Scale On-road, Buggy, Truggy for High-level Races 1/8 Off-road,On-road Racing & 1/10 Short course truck, Monster truck
Motor Limit With 4S Lipo: KV≤3000 4268 / 4274 Size motor With 6S Lipo: KV≤2400 4274 Size motor

With 2S Lipo: Kv<4300
3660 Size moto
With 3S Lipo: KV< 3600 3660 Size motor
With 4S Lipo: KV& 3000 4268 Size moto

LiPo/NiMH Cells 2-6S 2-4S LiPo
BEC Output 6-8.4V Adjustable, Continuous/Peak Current: 6A/15A(Switch-mode) 6V/7.4V Adjustable, Continuous Current: 6A(Switch-mode)
Cooling Fan Included Powered by the stable BEC
Size (mm)/Weight  56.1(L) x 42.1(W) x 38.5(H)mm / 122g (W/O Wires) 54.8(L) x 36.8(W) × 38.8(H)mm /102.8g
Programming Port FAN/PRG Port FAN/PRG Port
ESC programming Tunalyzer, OTA Programmer Tunalyzer, OTA Programmer
XR8 Plus G2S Combo (2-6s) from $349.99 USD $495.00 USD
XR8 PRO G3 Combo from $224.99 USD $318.00 USD
HOBBYWING Tunalyzer $299.99 USD $449.00 USD
OTA Programmer $62.99 USD $82.00 USD
XeRun 4274 SD G3 Motor 2250kv $164.99 USD $212.00 USD
XeRun 3652 G2 sensored motor $89.99 USD $128.00 USD
XeRun 3660 G2 sensored motor $99.99 USD $126.00 USD
XR8 Plus G2S ESC (2-6S) from $224.99 USD $318.00 USD
XR8 PRO G3 ESC $149.99 USD $212.00 USD
XeRun DRX 3662 SD motor $119.99 USD $170.00 USD
XeRun DRX 3652 SD motor $99.99 USD $140.00 USD