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on December 10, 2019
Every Tuesday a new episode of The Charlie Show!

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on December 09, 2019

Don’t miss the latest episode of RC STUFF Podcast?
Officially powered by HOBBYWING!!!

Your Hosts Charlie and Jordan Chat about their passion for RC and everything related.

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Happy Indigenous People Day! HOBBYWING Break!

on October 14, 2019
October 14th Monday -Indigenous People Day (Office Closed)

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Alert: Email Spoofing/ Scam Using HOBBYWING Name

By HOBBYWING North America
on August 27, 2019
Dear Valued Customers,

This is an important notice from HOBBYWING.
Please review completely. 

We have been notified that HOBBYWING North America customers have been receiving "Fake" emails from a "" email.

#1 - None of the office staff at HOBBYWING, use the email domain If you receive any emails from please be advised, those are NOT staff members of HOBBYWING.  We do have our official "website", but we do not use that domain for ANY of our official emails.

All official emails from HOBBYWING staff will come from domain

#2 - Fake Emails/Scam - We have been notified of some "Spoofed" or "Spam" emails stating they are from HOBBYWING, and looking for payment.  They use various sales-looking emails with the domain Do not reply to or interact with these scammers, and simply delete their emails. 

The official office contact to the office managers and lead staff here at our HOBBYWING NA offices is "". If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us using the official office email "".


HOBBYWING North America

News: Non-Polarity Capacitor

on August 01, 2019

Dear Valued Customer,

We are very pleased to introduce the Non-Polarity Capacitors!

However, we received questions and feedback from our recent video on Facebook and Instagram that makes the video seem misleading.

We wanted to make sure to inform you of the correct information before processing your order. Some racers purchased these Non-Polarity Capacitors assuming they would add "Reverse Voltage Protection" to their ESC. That is not the case at all. We are sorry for the confusions.

To clarity, please find the following notes. 

  • These Non-polarity Capacitors (NPC) are specifically designed for our XR10 Pro G2 ESC which has the "Reverse Voltage Protection" built-in.  XR10 Pro G2 ESC:
  • NPC DOES NOT add any level of "Reverse Voltage Protection" to any other ESC at this moment.  
  • These Non-polarity Capacitors do not have a positive or negative lead.


    Non-Polarity Capacitors for XR10 Pro G2 ESC

    Please feel free to reach us at for any questions or concerns.

    Thank you for choosing HOBBYWING :-)



    HOBBYWING North America

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