XRotor Micro BLHeli-s 30A DShot600

on December 31, 2016

Product announcements

XRotor M series
BLHeli-s 30A DShot600

Dshot 150/300/600, Oneshot125,
Oneshot42, Multishot Modes Supported

Besides the latest Dshot 150/300/600 mode, the ESC also supports
regular PWM (1000µs -2000µs) mode, Oneshot125 (125-250µs) mode,
Oneshot42 (42-81µs) mode and Multishot (2-25µs) mode.

Experience the innovation - Short Course Truck Motor

on December 14, 2016

HOBBYWING Xerun 3660 / 3652 SD motor 

Preorder starts today

HOBBYWING patented design


XR10 STOCK spec ESC (1S)

on December 13, 2016

Compact = Speed

XR10 Stock Spec ESC 


HOBBYWING 'Trucker' Cap - Design Options

on December 12, 2016

The original design of HOBBYWING's next generation 'Trucker' cap has been rejected by the custom cap manufacture. Oops...

Product Number: 6901M
Mid Profile Cotton Blend Mesh Back Hats 

The purpose of this cap is to cover 'general HOBBYWING fans'.  We often use this cap for a giveaway promotion item, or I personally wear this for daily commutes.  As a requirement, this cap needs to be produced as economical as possible while we do not degrade our brand identity. 

The reasons for NG

  • The size of the logo HOBBYWING and the slogan are too small for embroidery. 
  • The width of the logo needs to be a minimum of 4in while the original logo was 2.75in. 

We have come up with the following options. As a reminder, our custom cap maker does not carry the one with grey color. So, we are going with a black base. 


 Black logo with white filled on black base cap - Professional


Opt B 

White HW + HOBBYWING on black base cap. Creates great contrast while we can push the brand mark along with the name HOBBYWING

Opt C 

Black on Black. In reality, this may look the greatest but it may not serve well for the main purpose: promotion, giveaway


Opt D 

HW + HOBBYWING with white filled on black base cap. This design is also safe to produce, serving all purposes, clear to communicate our brand name HOBBYWING. 

 Overall, any of the options will not fail. I personally like Opt A.  Now we would like your opinions. Which option would you choose? Please leave your comments on our facebook.   



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WiFi Express - How to connect to your ESC through WiFi

on December 08, 2016

Connecting your HOBBYWING ESC to WiFi Express module is really simple. 

STEP1 Preparation: 

1.1. Install App onto your smart device (Android, iphone, ipod, etc)


1.2. Open the App (HW-LINK) and go "Setting". 

1.3. Under "Settings", Select "WiFi Module Settings"

1.4. Set your WiFi Link password.  For an example, "12345678"  
Hit OK to return to the settings page. 

1.5. Return to the home page. 



2.1 Power up your WiFi Express by connecting directly to your ESC.  Your ESC needs to be connected and powered up by the battery. 

2.2. WiFi Express module should be turned on (LED indicator lights up)


3.1. At your smart device (ex iphone, Android, etc), Open the "WiFi Setting".  
You want to select "HW-WIFILINK" 

You have set the password at Step 1 (ex 12345678). So, it will connect to the WiFi Express module accordingly. 

3.2. Go back to HOME and open HW-LINK app

3.2. Touch the ESC icon"

Now you are connected with HOBBYWING WiFi Express module. 



Change your parameter setting, save your data, firmware updates, enjoy all other features for free. 

If you find any error on this article, please let us know here



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