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QUICRUN Brushless Motor - Sensorless Series



Amazing sense of control

 larger torque, higher efficiency and more output power. brings drivers the amazing sense of control. 


Premium quality

Composed by high quality components: exquisite aluminum alloy motor shell, heat-resistant wires and magnets, and long-life bearings.

Clean & Adaptable

With improved dustproof design at the location of a motor leads made QUICRUN motor suitable for a wide range of vehicles

The Masterpiece

Creative design features above with high-quality gold-plated connectors,  QUICRUN brushless motor series a plug-and-play masterpiece. 

PN 30404010001 30404020001 30404030001
KV 4500KV 3800KV 2000KV
LiPo Cells 2-3 2-3 2-6
Resist.* (Ω) 0.0498 0.0055 0.0065
No-load Current (Amp) 1.5 2.3 3.1
Max. Output Power(W) 150 420 2600
Current at the Point of M.O.P *(Amp) 33 110 160
Outer Diameter /Length (mm) 24.0/36.5 36.0/56.0 39.8/73.8
Diameter of the Shaft (mm) 2.00/14 3.17/16 5.00/20
Poles 2 4 4
W.T.*(g) 73 232 393
Application 1:18,1:16 
On/Off-road/ Truck /Monster

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Note 1: Resist. = Resistance, M.O.P = Maximum Output Power, W.T.= Weight.
Note 2: The maximum output power is the test value obtained when the voltage is 7.4V for motor QUICRUN-2435 & motor QUICRUN-3656, and 22.2V for motor QUICRUN-4074, the ESC timing is set to 0 degree.