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Quicrun Fusion PRO system (2in1) for Crawlers

All-in-one design for optimized length

The design has been integrated and optimized to provide a cleaner and
sleeker layout appearance. The overall length is now at 58mm and is
6mm shorter than the previous version. Thesmaller footprint has the same
length as the AXE540L motor to provide for a spacious and an easy
assembly process.

All-in-one design for
optimized length



All-in-one design

QuicRun Fusion:

64 mm

Overall Length

QuicRun Fusion PRO:


6 mm

Supports three operating modes

Supports a variety of application needs such as the "constant speed mode
(Forward and Reverse)", "normal mode (Forward and reverse with brake)" and
"normal mode without constant speed function(Forward and Reverse)"

Supports three
operating modes

Constant speed mode
Normal mode
Normal mode
(Forward and reverse)
(Forward and reverse with brake)
(Forward and reverse)

High Driving Efficiency for Long Battery Life

The FOC drive upgrade increases its entire power system efficiency by 8%while the power consumption loss
is reduced by 30% compared with the previous generation.The new 2300KV fusion is significantly more
powerful than the previous 1800KV version with an even lower temperature rise while climbing at low speed.

High Driving Efficiency for Long Battery Life

QuicRun Fusion PRO


QuicRun Fusion

power system efficiency

QuicRun Fusion PRO


QuicRun Fusion

Power consumption loss

FOC (Field-oriented Control) for
Super Linearity, HighTorque and
extremely silent system

The Fusion system adopts the FOC mode and operates smoothly at low
speed. The strong torqueis able to outperform the sensored power system
and is better and more consistent than the brushed power system. The
latest generation motor is extremely silent, eliminating unwanted
noises during operation and is the best choice for rock crawler.

FOC for
Super Linearity

Intelligent Torque Output & Speed Closed-loop Control for Easy Control

The Fusion system is equipped with Intelligent Torque output and Closed loop speed control to maintain
the motor’s RPM as the vehicle conditions changes. Regardless of going uphill,
downhill or underload, the intelligent output torque senses the operation and allows for simple operation.

Intelligent Torque Output

Note: When the running mode is set to normal mode,
there is no fixed speed function, similar to the effect of brushed system.

Applicable to All Weather & Track Conditions

The IP-67 waterproof of the whole power has excellent waterproof and dustproof
performance. The whole power can easily drive on the muddy, sandy, icy,
snowy and water track under various weather conditions.

Applicable to All Weather
Track Conditions

Excellent waterproof and
dustproof performance



Refine parameter items

The ESC is equipped with 13 adjustable parameter items to meet the needs of fine-tuning
adjustments. New parameters such as "MAX. Brake Force", "RPM Decrease Rate ", "start
mode ( Punch)", "Neutral Range" and other practical parameters are included.

Refine parameter items

13Adjustable parameter

Maximum braking force

Speed fluency

Start mode(punch)

Professional Drag Brake Adjustments
& Super Parking Capacity

Fusion pro is equipped with 8-speed drag brake force and 9-speed drag brake-rate
adjustment to meet the needs of different models, different field and different handling
habits. The maximum drag brake force is about twice of that to the brushless power
system of the same size, providing superior parking capability on the slope.

Professional Drag
Brake Adjustments
& Super Parking Capacity

Professional Drag Brake Adjustments
& Super Parking Capacity
Drag brake force
Drag brake-rate

Advanced and Secure Electronic Switch

Compare to the standard on/off switches, the dust, dirt, and waterproof switch housing ensures reliable
and longer life. Heavy impact or harsh surface will no longer affect and damaged the switch, eliminating
any unwanted damage.Users will be able to enjoy bashing their RC cars.

Advanced and Secure
Electronic Switch



Shock Proof

QUICRUN Fusion SE (2-in-1 FOC system) from $69.99 USD $110.00 USD
QuicRun Fusion PRO - 2in1 FOC System from $149.99 USD $215.00 USD