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Please read the return policy first before proceeding.

HOBBYWING North America (HWNA) offers a manufacturer's limited warranty for the products purchased through HOBBYWINGdirect.com | FalconSEKIDO.com or our Authorized Dealer Network in North America. All products distributed through authorized retailers have a 'FS authorized dealer label' on the product box. All of our RMA service is performed in Los Angeles, California. HWNA is NOT responsible for cause and effect mentioned in any email or conversations through online chat, online forum such as rctech.net, rcuniverse.com, etc.

Warranty terms and conditions

All our products are covered with a full repair/replacement warranty for 180 days dated by the original or copy of the original sales receipt within North America region (USA & Canada). HOBBYWING warranty covers all failures that result from material or workmanship defects. It does not cover misuse, abuse, intentional or otherwise.

Abuse includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Use of the system outside of its intended use. 
  • Damage resulting from incorrect wiring, over voltage, overloading, improper gearing or propping (overloading), improper motor selection, incorrect settings, insufficient batteries or connectors and/or poor solder joints on connectors. 

Note: This includes: Using a controller outside of its intended performance specification (running outside of MAX voltage/current, gearing, or wrong application/vehicle). Physical damage including crashes and water submersion. Modification of controller such as soldering on controller, gluing items on the controller, potting the controller, etc. There are no user-serviceable parts on these controllers, we do not recommend attempts to repair or solder on the board.

In short anything that can be considered abuse is not covered by warranty.

Our warranty liability shall be limited to repairing or replacing the unit to HOBBYWING original specifications. Because we have no control over the installation or use of this product, in no case shall we be liable for damages.  Warranty replacement items are non-refundable or exchangeable.

Additionally, these items void the warranty and require billing information - No exception:

  • ​Using speed control in an application it was not rated for.
  • ​Exceeding the product specifications.
  • ​Allowing water or moisture into the speed controller. (Except Waterproof ESC)
  • Failure to attach the supplied capacitor.
  • ​Incorrect wiring or use inconsistent with the instructions.
  • ​Using the wrong polarity connectors on the battery and motor wires from the speed controller.
  • Warranty applies to the original purchaser of the product only. Warranty is non-transferable.
  • Failure to include a receipt proving date of purchase.
  • Product(s) purchased from non-authorized dealer  See the authorized dealer list in North America. Purchasing from Hong kong retailers and eBay sellers who do not follow HOBBYWING MAP policy deem item non-warranty.

Once the products are sold, HWNA has no obligation to modify or update them. Please check out our website for the latest software & firmware information. You can download the latest USB software and firmware at http://www.HobbywingDirect.com/pages/download




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HOBBYWING Lifestyle gears

  • HOBBYWING Cap - Urban Hunter Limited Edition
    HOBBYWING Cap - Urban Hunter Limited Edition HOBBYWING Cap - Urban Hunter Limited Edition
  • HOBBYWING Official Cap - FLEXFIT 'HW' Black
    HOBBYWING Official Cap - FLEXFIT 'HW' Black HOBBYWING Official Cap - FLEXFIT 'HW' Black
  • HOBBYWING Official [T] Mark-II
    HOBBYWING Official [T] Mark-II HOBBYWING Official [T] Mark-II
  • HW Unisex Hoodie - NTNC Limited Edition
    HW Unisex Hoodie - NTNC Limited Edition HW Unisex Hoodie - NTNC Limited Edition
  • HOBBYWING Cap - Mark II

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