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Reseve your first Club racing spec gears today! This program is avaible first comes first bases. Please let us know your name, your track name or store name, location. Expected QTY, and the event target date. Our friendly program advisor will contact you shortly.


CLUB SPEC Handout Program

> This program is currently open for the North America Authorized dealers and Club track owners.

> You are the owner or oraganizer of your local club race

> You are a hobby shop owner or manager who coordinate a local club race.

> No, Justock Handout Spec motor is designed soley to help club race event without hassling inspection process at event. To make it happen, Hobbywing will directly ship products to a local club event. Handout Spec ESC and Motor are "factory sealed"

> To partificpate under the "Club Race categoriy, a minimum 20 pcs is required. However, MOQ is not officially set yet.

> Handout Spec program is an order-made process. Every ESC and motor will be carefully assembled and checked at our factory. The lead time depends on the QTY. We recommend to contact us 3 months prior to the event. Once you have established the event schedule annually, the products will be prepared in advance to avoid longer lead time.

Order request

Please contact us at sales-na@hobbywing.comor contact one of HOBBYWING Sponsored drivers.

Handout spec Motor and ESC are availble so that you can test before hosting your important event. Please contact Sales-na@hobbywing.comfor details.