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HOBBYWING Brushless Technology

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HOBBYWING ESC Aircraft Series

We do not compromise on quality and reliability 
 PROFESSIONAL Helis & 3D pilot
Product ID LiPo
V5 series  3-8S
V4 Series (HV 6S-14S Lipo)
Platinum PRO v4.1 200A-HV (SBEC or OPTO)
Platinum PRO v4 130A-HV 6S-14S
Platinum PRO v4 130A-HV- OPTO 6S-14S
V4 Series (3S-6S Lipo)
Platinum PRO v4 120A 3S-6S
Platinum PRO v4 80A 3S-6S
Platinum PRO v4 60A 3S-6S
Platinum PRO v4 40A 3S-4S
Platinum PRO v4 25A 3S-6S


Product ID  LiPo
V5 Series
160A-HV OPTO -v5
6-14S LiPo
130A-HV OPTO -v5
6-14S LiPo
110A-HV OPTO / SBEC- v5
6-14S LiPo
120A -v5 3-8S LiPo
80A -v5 3-8S LiPo
60A -v5 3-6S LiPo
40A -v5 3-6S LiPo
30A-v5 2-4S LiPo
Flyfun 12AE
Flyfun 6A


 Fixed-wing aircraft - Airplane pilot
Product ID LiPo
Skywalker 80A-UBEC 2S-6S
Skywalker 60A-UBEC
Skywalker 50A-UBEC 2S-4S
Skywalker 40A 2-3S
Skywalker 20A 2S-3S


XROTOR Series -  Drone 

XRotor  ( DYI, RTF application)
XRotor PRO  (Filing, Agriculture, Security enforcement, etc)
XRotor FPV (Drone Racing, Extreme sports, etc)
Xrotor INDUSTRY  series