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HOBBYWING Brushless Technology

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XROTOR ESC for Multicopters


Our special core program for multi-rotor controllers and maximum refresh frequency reaches up to 621 Hz.


Specially optimized firmware for excellent compatibility with multi-rotor motors.


Highly intelligent and adaptive default settings meet almost all applications.
The operation is greatly simplified making flying more enjoyable.

Multiple protections

Low-voltage cutoff protection, thermal protection, and throttle signal loss protection all make the ESC more reliable.

10A Mini XRotor 20A XRotor 40A
Application* 250 less
Drone Racing
330/450 Class
550/650 Class
10A 20A 40A
Peak Current (10s) 15A 30A 60A
Input 2-3S LiPo 3-4S LiPo

2-6S LiPo

Timing enable Timing





52.4 x 21.5 x 7mm

68 x 25 x 8.7mm

Weight 6.5g (0.23oz) 14g (0.49oz) 26g (0.92oz)

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Note: The "Typical Application" in the above form only refers to quadcopter (with 4 motors). When the ESCs are installed on multi-Rotors with 6/8/16 motors, the applicable axle distance can be larger than the value listed in the above form.

Compatibility Chart

Compatibility Test Result of Motors and XRotor ESC

HOBBYWING ESC is designed and built with confidence

Compatibility Test Result of Motors and XRotor ESC
Motor Brand

Motor Model


Test Conditions Compatibility Test
Propeller Voltage
4822 690 1238/1340 4S LiPo Passed
390 1238/1240 6S LiPo Passed
4225 610 1238 4S LiPo Passed
390 1238/1447 6S LiPo Passed
SunnySky V3508 580 APC1238 4S LiPo Passed
X4112S 400 1447/1550 4-6S LiPo Passed
485 1447/1550 4-6S LiPo Passed
X4108S 380 1447/1550 4-6S LiPo Passed
480 1447/1550 4-6S LiPo Passed
600 1447/1550 4S LiPo Passed
X2212 980 1047 3S LiPo Passed
V2216 900 1047 3S LiPo Passed
X4110S 400 1238/1550 4-6S LiPo Passed
Crazy Motor 5008 335 1555/1655 6S LiPo passed
Feiyue 5008 340 17-18 inch 6S LiPo Passed
DualSky XM5015 390 1550 6S LiPo Passed
XM5010 700 1450 3S LiPo Passed
4010 880 1150 3S LiPo Passed
T-Motor 3506 650 1238/1340 3S LiPo Passed
3510 430 1340/1550 6S LiPo Passed
4014 330 1550 6S LiPo Passed
3508 380 1340/1550 6S LiPo Passed