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WiFi Module- delivering to the US and Canada customers

HOBBYWING WiFi Module is officially available through the authorized stores in North America. It took us a long time since the product announcement but we had to do the right thing.  We appreciate your patience and the trust with HOBBYWING 




HOBBYWING is committed to deliver products that are free from defective materials and workmanship. That said, HOBBYWING has delivered Wifi Module devices to selective members including the early pre-ordered customers and sponsored test drivers in past. For those customers received the first batch of WiFi module from us directly, the new approved devices have been shipped or in progress of shipping to every individual. 

If you have purchased a WiFi Express Module previously from a non-authorized store including a discount store such as eBay, AliExpress, Hong Kong / Chinese reseller in North America, we are afraid that those units are considered "gray product", and in many cases are actually counterfeits.  We strongly suggest you to return the product to the original store as they do not possess a resale license for HOBBYWING products in North America. 

For inquiries, please contact HOBBYWING North America at   Subject: Wifi Module from non-authorized store