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Ezrun MAX Brushless Motors (5687 / 56113 / 4985)


Power Type: 4985SL-1650KV

(1650KV | MAP $129.99 | MSRB $184.00)
(1100KV | MAP $169.99 | MSRP $240.00)
(800KV | MAP $214.99| MSRP $304.00)

Free Shipping Available

for Uber-sized vehicle (1/5, 1/6, 1/7)

    EZRUN MAX Motor Series



    4985SL-1650KV 5687SL-1100KV  56113-800KV
    PN 30402950
    Pole 4 4 4
    KV(No-load) 1650KV 1100KV 800KV
    R. (Ω) 0.0053 0.0041 0.00049
    Current No-load(A) 5.4 4.1  3.2
    Max. Output Power(W) 5700 5800 5800 the point of M.O.P *(A) 160 200 200
    Motor D.&L(mm) Φ=49mm, L=86.5mm Φ=56mm, L=87mm
    Φ=56mm, L=113mm
    Shaft D.&L of the projecting part(mm) Φ=5.0mm, L=21.5mm Φ=8.0mm, L=31.0mm.
    Φ=8.0mm, L=31.0mm.
    LiPo(S) 3-6 3-8 3-8
    W (g) 587g (20.71oz) 916g(32.21oz) 1210g(42.68oz)
    Applicable 1/6th & 1/7th RC Vehicles
    1/5th RC Vehicles Truck/Dragster
    1/5th RC Vehicles  Truck/Dragster
    Best match with Ezrun MAX6 ESC
    MAX5 or MAX6 ESC
    Ezrun MAX5 ESC

    1. How to Mount the Motor into an RC vehicle

    • 4985 motor requires 4x M4 mounting screws 
    • 5687/56113 motor 8x M4 mounting screws
    • The mounting holes are 8mm in depth, Please do not exceed 10mm in depth.

    2. How to Connect the Motor to an ESC
    There is no polarity on the A/B/C three ESC-to-motor wires, so do not worry about how you connect them initially. You may find it necessary to swap two wires if the motor runs in reverse.
    3. Recheck the Installation & Connections
    Recheck the installation and all the connections before turning on the power.

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