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Scottie + 2013 RC Pro International Finals Gulf coast Raceway, Porter, Texas

2013 RC Pro International Finals Gulf coast Raceway, Porter, Texas 


After a long year of racing, we spent this past weekend at Gulf coast Raceway, Porter, Texas for the 2013 RC Pro International Finals.  9 of us from Amarillo and Lubbock made the trip, Keevin Sharp, Scott Harell and I drove down together. There were a few times we just about had to pull over because we were laughing so hard. Jest being able to hang out with such a good group of guys would have made the trip worth it.

For the RC Pro series this year I have been on the road over 42 hours and 2400 miles. We arrived at Mike Hobby Shop on Thursday to get in a little practice. Friday was a rough day trying to figure out setups on 4 different cars and trying to get in some clean laps, believe I only finished 4 of 8 races. Saturday was much better with the help of my good friendJeff Durio on the drivers stand (him cracking jokes a giving me someone to talk to & run with) I was able to get some good runs in and move to the qualifying board.  I was also able to help a few guys with setups answer a few questions about what I was running and make a few new friends. After qualifying I ended up A-main Pro 4 and B-Mains in Open E-Buggy Open Buggy, & Open Truggy. Saturday night we started the mains First up E-Buggy, less than a min in I lost steering ending my chances to bump early. Sunday morning first race was open buggy B-Main so I was up again. I struggled most of the race just not getting into a rhythm and then breaking a shock later in the race. A-1 Pro 4 was another bad run as the body got pushed under a rear finder and I had to pull over to let a marshal pull it out putting me down ¾ of a lap on the 1st lap.

A-2 &3 were better runs after working out of 1stcorner piles ups I worked my way back up to 5th in both races finishing 6th overall and the 4th in the national point’s series.  Also I was I highest placing Tekno SCT-410 for the race and the points Series.   Open Arena Truck I had a pretty good run able to move up slowly keeping the leaders within a few turns until losing the front drive line.  Over all it was a great trip and to all of you for the support   AKA, HobbyWing, FTW, Vp Racing Fuels, Vp-Pro, Tekno RC, Venom, DE Racing and RadioPost. 

6st Pro 4   / 4th In Points (Highest Placing Tekno SCT-410)TEKNO SCT-410, AKA Enduro’s 2 , HobbyWing Xerun 120 v3.1 Esc & Xerun 3656SD 4000KV Motor  FTW Body, DE Wheels, RadioPost Radio & Servos, Venom 2s Lipo,

6TH B-Main Open Buggy DNFLosi 3.0, AKA Impacts, VP Fuels 30%, FTW Night Fox Body, DE Wheels, RadioPost Radio& Servos, Venom Rec. pack, , Nova  P5 by Vp-Pro USA & Vp-Pro USA Accessories.

8th B-Main Open Truggy DNFLosi 8ight T 2.0, AKA  Impacts, VP Fuels 30 %, FTW Body, DE Wheels, RadioPost Radio& Servos,  Dynamite .21, Venom Rec. pack,  Vp-Pro USA Accessories.

8th B-Main E-Buggy DNFTEKNO EB-48 , AKA Impacts , HobbyWing SCT-Pro  Esc & SCT 2250KV Motor,  DE Wheels, RadioPost Radio & Servos, Venom 4s Lipo


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