XeRun AXE R3 ESC System

FOC Drive

Linear, w/ Powerful Torque.

XeRun AXE R3 System

    • HOBBYWING's patented Field Oriented Control (FOC) technology. Its driving mode enhances the power system of rock crawlers. The low-speed torque is very strong, improving over standard brushless setups and even preferred over brushed setups for overall feel.
    • The chip-type magnetic encoder inside the motor guarantees consistency between the three phases' signals and always outputs pure and precise signals indicating the rotor position. 
    • The waterproof and dust-proof design (IP67 standards) allows the AXE brushless power system to be used in all weather and track conditions without any risk of damage from water or dust. Damage to the vehicle caused by water, mud, or adverse conditions should be monitored closely when running in such environments.
    • Intelligent torque output and speed closed-loop control ensure easy handling and consistent motor RPM under all loads
XERUN AXE R3 ESC $129.99 USD $190.00 USD
XERUN AXE FOC Motor for 1/10 Rock Crawler from $139.99 USD $180.00 USD
XERUN AXE 4274 FOC Motors $129.99 USD $184.00 USD
AXE R2 Extended Wire Set from $15.99 USD $19.00 USD
XERUN AXE R3 COMBO for 1/10 Crawlers from $229.99 USD $353.00 USD
Frameless Cyclone Cooling Fan from $8.99 USD $13.00 USD