Carter Flotron has been with HOBBYWING North America for a long time.  He has been helping us raise the standard of ESC program configuration.  Today, he has sent us a great report with awesome photo.  Thank you Carter for wonderful support and commitment to help others. 

4wd buggy- By far my favorite class, especially on this track layout.
I had a rough first qualifier after getting a little crossed up in the difficult center section. two small bobbles and you were out of the hunt easily.
Second qualifier, this went much better for me. I was able to have an almost flawless run and took a very narrow tq over Matt Gosch. I believe it was by a few 100ths.
Third qualifier someone hit me at an odd angle and my shock end ripped out. This round had much less traction so i was not worried to lose tq.
Come main time we had a decsion to use ions all around or scrub front and proton rear. I decided to run ions in the end since thats what i ran all day, but zach and i quickly found out they were not the best choice because the track was a little more dusty. None the less we raced with what we had.
The way this layout is made makes it very difficult to have a clean start with the way the jumps are positioned, but we got away pretty well. Matt jumped in front of me pretty early and we battled for the majority of the race with me on his bumper until he rolled it and i got away. By this time zach also passed him so we were battling it out. he drove inside at the end of the straight with a bump and he got aorund. aftr that it was probably the most intense battle ive ever had on the track. at one point our cars were actually touching as we went around a corner and we held exactly the same line everywhere. Anyways with about 40 seconds left i was attempting to make a pass in the center section but one of the curbs caught me and i rolled it. a marshal put me in the wrong lane and i waited to long as second and third passed by then. i finished fourth.
Great Race!
2wd buggy:
this was only my third time actually racing this class, so i didnt really expect much.
However, i somehow put down a great run in the first round which held through all the way through qualifying to get me 2nd in the main.
The main went exactly as i thought: i attempted to keep up but dorked it over one of the jumps and wasnt marshalled until the freight train of cars had passed.  I wasnt able to catch up to many cars without crashing out so i finished 8th.
I definitely need to do some setup work to this old rb5 but it is getting better.
-Carter Flotron
Caster Racing Team ManagerX