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Special note for USB Link Software: Xerun SCT PRO

When users upgrade Xerun SCT Pro ESC while the Rx wire is still in the receiver (at the throttle), please make sure that the receiver output a neutral signal. 

If the throttle signal is beyond the neutral, then the ESC will ignore the communication with the Program box, it will only accept the signal from the Rx wire. 

In such a case, the LCD program box is getting stuck at the "Programming ESC" screen. (The priority of the Rx wire is higher than the programming wire) 

When upgrade the ESC, there are 2 methods: 

  • Disconnect the Rx wire from the receiver.
  • Turn on the transmitter, make sure that the throttle stick is in neutral range. Connect the LCD program box to the program port of the ESC, and then turn on the ESC.

In addition, These are some simple points that can be done wrong resulting in problems when trying to upgrade firmware. 

  • Did they attach the program box to the esc wire or through the EPP (External Programming Port) aka Fan port.
  • Did they plug the wires in with the black wire on the left side or right side
  • Did they plug their battery in before turning on the esc