XR10 PRO ESC Release note

HOBBYWING's long awaited XR10 Pro brushless speed controller is finally available to the public. The follow-up model of the successful Xerun V3.1 features an aluminium case and an efficient heat dissipating system for maximum cooling even in high ambient temperatures and in demanding racing conditions.

Taken over from the V3.1 is the build-in on/off switch that keeps external wires to a minimum while offering a maximum of protection thanks to being completely waterproof, dustproof and shock resistant. Another feature is the switch mode BEC that allows to select standard 6V or high-voltage 7.4V output while delivering up to 4A of current for power-hungry servos. On the software side of things the XR10 Pro offers 10 pre-set programmes for 1/10th and 1/12th classes as well as on-road and off-road racing. Adjustable throttle and brake PWM frequencies allow for precise and accurate throttle and brake control for both modified and stock racing and on top of this Hobbywing’s top-of-the-foodchain 1/10th speedo also supports wireless programming, updating and data reading with the help of an optional WiFi module.

For those who prefer a more standard programming, the controller utilises a separate programming and fan port as seen on the previous V3.1. The controller is available in a range of colours including black, orange and red to match with the car’s colour tone and it is available from now on.



There are a few corrections on their statement. 
  • XR10 PRO ESC is NOT the next generation of Xerun 120A v3.1 ESC.  It is not 'a-taking-over-model' but rather it is a completely different ESC line. 

  • Xerun 120A v3.1 ESC will continue to be available known as "V-series"
  • XR10 PRO ESC is water resistance, not waterproof

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