SEAKING V3 ESC Q&A Troubleshooting

SEAKING ESC, After powered on, the motor doesn’t emit any beep tone and the LED doesn’t light up.

Possible causes: No battery voltage is inputted to the ESC or got the polarity reversed.


Check the connection between the battery and ESC, please re-solder if poor soldering exists. If the polarity is reversed, please cut off the power immediately. Otherwise, the ESC will be damaged irreversibly.


SEAKING V3 ESC, After powered on, the motor doesn’t work, but the following alert tone is emitted: “beep-beep-, beep-beep-” (here the time interval is 1 second).

Possible causes: The battery voltage is abnormal; or the startup temperature of the ESC is above 80°C.


Check the battery voltage; Check whether the water cooling system runs smoothly or not, or change another ESC with greater amperage capability.


SEAKING ESC, The boat cannot run backward.

Possible causes: The ESC is not set to “Forward and Backward” running mode; The ESC cannot recognize the throttle neutral point.


Set the running mode to “Forward and Backward”; recalibrate the throttle range according to instructions in the section of "Throttle Range Calibration"


SEAKING ESC, The power suddenly got weaken in the motor rotating.

Possible causes: The Low-Voltage Cutoff Protection or the Overheat Protection is activated.


Replace another fully-charged battery; Cool the ESC down before using it again.


The motor cannot be started normally, and it only stutters.

Possible causes: The ESC and motor wire are not well connected or the ESC / motor is damaged


 Check all the connections; replace the ESC or the motor. (Note: please test with a small throttle value first, then increase the value after the motor returns to normal. Otherwise, the ESC/motor may get damaged again.