Important note for LiPo Cells auto detect feature of LCD Program box

HOBBYWING ESCs are pre-programmed for many different parameters.

I.E.: The Xerun 120A V3.1 ESC is pre-programmed on 12 different parameters:

  • Punch
  • Timing
  • LiPo Cut-off etc.
  • #12 is LiPo Cells and its default is auto detect (automatically detects the number of cells- 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s)

Auto detect works fine if you use 2s, 4s or 6s, but not on 3s or 5s for the following reason:

  • If voltage is below 8.8v it may be treated as a 2S by the ESC
  • If voltage is between 8.8 and 17.6v, it may be treated as a 4S by the ESC (3s is between these voltages)
  • If voltage is over 17.6, it may be treated as a 6S by ESC (5s is between these voltages)

As result, if you are using 3S, its voltage is 12.6 which lies between 8.8v and 17.6v, therefore, ESC treats it as a 4S.

Default cut off is set @3.2v x 4 cells = 12.8v, therefore, the ESC automatically cuts off power even though battery is fully charged.


As result, please make sure to update item #12 (Lipo cell auto detect) if you use 3S or 5S lipo battery. 


Our engineers are looking into this issue and try to improve the situation. 






Special thanks to Luis Garcia