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XeRUN SCT Pro x 2S Lipo setting

XERUN SCT PRO Repair Campaign 
The problem for XERUN SCT Pro with 2S Lipo 

This problem may exist in the following ESCs:
1) XERUN SCT-Pro purchased prior to Oct 1st 2012
Cause / Description:
The ESC may stop working when using 2S Lipo . This phenomenon doesn't exist when using 3S and 4S Lipo.
The output of the built-in switch mode BEC may not be strong enough when using 2S Lipo (particularly found in cheaply made battery). 
When the current draw is suddenly increased (for example, when the vehicle is accelerating quickly, the current draw becomes very large), there is also a sudden drop of the battery voltage. The output voltage of the build-in BEC is pulled very low, then the receiver begins to restart. During its restarting period, neither motor nor servo may not be functioned.
The ESC may be returned to the original store and then fixed in the factory. 
Return / Replacement Procedure:
All XERUN SCT PRO ESC purchased through or FalconSEKIDO dealer network (authorized retailers*) will be repaired at free of charge. Please return the ESC to the store you purchased with the original receipt.  The driver is responsible for freight charge on this transaction. 
Please submit the following.  The ESC will NOT be repaired if there is any missing items listed below.
1. RMA form.  Please fill out all items and submit it with the ESC. >> Download the form here
2. Original receipt. (If you purchased from the outside of FalconSEKIDO dealer network, FalconSEKIDO is not responsible)  
3. Contact FalconSEKIDO to receive RMA ticket number, then ship the ESC to the return address mentioned below. 
How do I know my store is the FalconSEKIDO authorized retailer? 
All HW products through FalconSEKIDO Dealer network have a FalconSEKIDO label on the product box. If you are unfamiliar with the label, please ask your retail store.  FalconSEKIDO (Hobbywing of North America) is not responsible for any products outside of FalconSEKIDO authorized dealer network.  A customer needs to contact the original store for a guidance. 
Repair / Replacement Campaign Period:
Oct 1st 2012 - Jan 31 2013

Return Address:

       Campaign is Closed
On behalf of Hobbywing of North America, we would like to thank you for your understanding in advance and continue supporting our products.