USB Link Software Update v3.3

Last updated 2013. 05.25

 Hobbywing_USB_Link_V3.3_setup_130520.rar (MS Windows Version)

1. Functions

The USB LINK SOFTWARE is a PC program working together with the LCD Program Box,
it has the following functions:
1) Precisely sets the programmable items of the ESC. 
2) Upgrades the firmware of the ESC. 
3) Upgrades the firmware of the Professional LCD Program Box. 

4)  Analyses the "Governor mode" parameters for RC helicopter
(This is the function of a subprogram named "Speed Calculator")

2.  Software Versions
Version 3.3_130520
The Version 3.3 is suitable for the following ESC:
XERUN Series Car ESC (Version 2.0/2.1/3.0/3.1 and later)
EZRUN Series Car ESC (Version 2.0 and later)
PLATINUM Series helicopter/airplane ESC

Hobbywing USB Link V3.31)Database for car is updated to the latest Version "130520",
2)Includes new firmware(V1.01_130515a_2R) for XERUN-150A and XERUN-SCT-PRO ESC.

  • Increases the tolerance for the sensor signal error of 4 poles sensored motor;
  • Improves the reliability of the ESC;
  • Increases the power of startup and improves the linearity at slow speed (to make the motor run smoother); 
3)Update firmware (V1.0_130520_Beta) for EZRUN-WP-60A and EZRUN-WP-80A, fixed a bug.
4)The firmware of the Multifunction LCD Program Box is updated to improve the compatibility with 64 bits Windows 7 operating system.

3. Download

Hobbywing_USB_Link_V3.3_setup_130520.rar (MS Windows Version)

You can also find more archived software are firmware at here

Some users cannot download the file of “USB LINK SOFTWARE” in the browser, in such a case, please follow the operations below: 
1) Move the cursor at the red characters linked to the file. 
2) Right click the mouse, select “Save target as...” in the floating menu. 
3) Select the suitable file director to save the USB LINK SOFTWARE file in your PC.

When installing the USB Link Software in Windows Vista and Windows 7, please follow the operations below: 
1) Unpack the RAR file. 
2) Right click the "Hobbywing_USB_Link_******.exe" file, then left click on "Run as Administrator".

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