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HW Cap Type-T G2

Case study - 3 types

We have launched HW Mark II with flatbill last year which was very successful.  Thanks to many HW enthusiasts, we have collected many of your comments that we have addressed needs which we could not see.  Nex gen II is HW Type T G2 (a T stands for Tracker).  We decided to use 'a HW mark' instead of the trademarked logo (HOBBYWING).  We do not believe in a traditional marketing method where manufactures place their logo everywhere they can find.  It is like saying "hey! look at me, buy our product!"   In our opinion, the personality of each driver, pilot, hobbyists is more important as they are the one who represent our brand truly. If there is anything they should be the one who needs to be highlighted before a brand name.   For that, we would like to simply insert "HW" as a subtle mark of excellent,  reminding ourselves that we are the supporter of you- Not the other way around. 

Opt 1:

Playing safe? :  Grey theme cap goes very well with our trademark 'blue' liner.   it may be too similar to the Mark-II though. 

Opt 2:

Grey on Black embossed.   We have tried a black outline with black mark which did not look present.  the grey (shade 3) with indigo black stiched embossing looks cool. 

Opt 3

Grey on Grey.  We personally like this theme.  it is subtle, yet very professional with a style.  We will pick the grey 3 colour and emboss both the mark and the outline of it.  

We are thinking to press 50 limited edition to kick off 2016.  Pre-order available starting now.

what do you think guys?  Any suggestion, opinions, lmk



HOBBYWING Design studio