Rotor replacement for a HOBBYWING 1/8th brushless motor

We often receive inquiries from customers asking why we do not make rotor replacements for our 1/8th sensored brushless motors. 

As you may already know, the built-quality of HOBBYWING ESCs and motors require certified experienced engineers and extremely precious machineries to assemble. 

There are several reasons for this listed below. 

 Uber sensitive fiber wrap

The fiber on the rotor is extremely sensitive and can be easily damaged. Without proper installation setup, it will damage during mounting.

Due to each rotor's accuracy being different, the mechanical timing may be changed after replacing the rotor, even though the timing graduation/value on the motor is the same. If the timing of the motor turns out to be a lower value, the motor will work but in very low efficiency, and it will easily overheat and become damaged.

An 1/8th rotor is extremely powerful. Allow us to handle the installation so that you can enjoy the performance of it.  



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