Hobbywing design and engineering staff are constantly on the search for improving the overall hobby experience. Through some extensive testing, some improvements have been made to the Hobbywing AXE firmware.

If you have an AXE ESC, please see the following information about the update. This update is only for the AXE."AXE FIRMWARE UPDATE" - Version .1-00.02.03 01-00.2.03 - Is the current update to the AXE ESC.

Improvements to the overall operation of the ESC with the AXE Motor for increased operational efficiency. It will run cooler and better than it has previously. This update is not required but strongly suggested as it makes your AXE much better.

Update Notes:

If you do not see the 1-00.02.03 firmware in your firmware list, you can update your database manually.

  1. Open the HW Link App
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Go to AboutTap Database
  4. Download the update
When the download is completed, your database should have a date of 03-27-2020. Once the download is complete you must go back to the Firmware section and update your AXE. The firmware update will return your ESC to the "Default" settings. 

Be sure, that after you do the Update, you ALSO, do the Automatic Motor Pairing process as stated at the final Okay screen.