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"FOC" - What does it mean, and how does it make the HOBBYWING AXE System Better than the rest?

FOC stands for Field Oriented Control and is referring to the reading of the magnetic field of the motor's rotor. FOC's advantage over standard style Hall Sensor setups is the shape of the field reading. FOC allows for reading the field in a true round/circular shape, with out any distortion to the field. This allows extremely precise operation. This shape is crated by sine-wave current through the motor phases. It is not created by motor voltage. This closed loop system allows the motor to maintain the RPM it's being told to run, under any load condition. RPM matching to throttle position allows extremely consistent and accurate throttle inputs.

What does that mean for your truck?

Driving up and down an incline, regardless of the load on the truck, the motor and ESC will do their best to maintain the RPM of the motor, at the throttle position you are using. RPM matches the Throttle position in all conditions.

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