The most common reason for your ESC / Motor damage is found by "overloading"

It is hard to accurately check the "load of a vehicle system, but there is a simple method.

Measuring the temperature of ESC and motor.

If the ESC temperature (measured from outside at the hottest position) is over 85 degree (for low-cost thermal instrument with low accuracy) or 90 degrees (for high-cost thermal instrument with high accuracy), or the motor temperature is over 90 degree or 100 degree, your system configuration must be changed immediately that a load of vehicle is too heavy for your ESC or motor.

In such a case, change your gearing ratio by using a smaller pinion or bigger spur gear by one.  Check the temp again after running a few laps until you find the perfect ratio.  "Stock gearing" does not mean your system with upgraded electronics works perfectively. 


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