2014 HOBBYWING MOMENT (HWM) - 1000 Likes Celebration Winners

By FalconSEKIDO RC Division
on January 13, 2014
2014 HOBBYWING MOMENT (HWM) - Celebrates 1000 LIKES
Thank you all for participating 2014 HWM- 1000 Likes Give away prizes campaign.   The winners are listed below. 
Please contact us to claim the prize.   
Keep up the good work, everyone!
1st Prize Xerun 120A V3.1 ESC Black Edition 
Kyle Wade Potter from Amarillo, Texas
2nd Prize Xerun Stock Spec V3.1 ESC
Diandi Zhu, Ontario, Canada
3rd Prize Ezrun WP SC8 ESC
Gavin Sexton from Gainesville, GA

Please contact support-hwna@hobbywing.com

Brian Bohlman, SPD TQ'ed and won in WGT and 4th in 1/12 scale at the 2014 MMR challenge!

By FalconSEKIDO RC Division
on January 09, 2014

Big thank you to Hobbywing of North America for all of your help! TQ and win in WGT and 4th in 1/12 scale at the 2014 MMR challenge! Also to everyone at MMR for putting on a great race!


Brian Bohlman, SPD


Jeremy Reilley, SPD TQ'ed & WON 13.5T Open & 13.5T Spec.

By FalconSEKIDO RC Division
on January 08, 2014
After the Summit RC Raceway Hangover 500 race. I TQ'ed and WON 13.5 open. And also TQ'ed a WON 13.5 spec. Then it was off to Madison Indiana for the Madison RC Outlaws CASH race. Where I was able to set a new track record by over a lap and take TQ and the WIN in 13.5 open. In 13.5 spec Qualified 2nd and finished 3rd after some hard racing. Those ReVtech certified batteries are killer. Thanks to Team Trinity, ReVtech, Hobbywing of North America, Falcon Sekido, Bsr Racing, Hella Graffix, C&M Motorsports, Muddslide, and Longacre Racing Products.
Jeremy Reilley, SPD

SPD: Scottie's Race Report & Results

By FalconSEKIDO Admin
on August 16, 2013
2013 King of the Hill White Rock NM

Had another great weekend of racing, good friends and family what else could you ask for. I ended up TQ’ing both Nitro Buggy & Truggy and Qualified 2ng in both 4x4 Sct & E-buggy.  Took 1st In Nitro Buggy 2nd 4X4 Sct & 3rd in Truggy “after leading for most of the race, had a bad crash and a flame out with about 2 to go”, and I think 4th or 5th in e-buggy after a really really bad run. I have to say thank you to the good Lord for another safe trip, my family, and my sponsors AKA, HOBBYWING, FTW, Vp Racing Fuels, Vp-Pro, Tekno RC, Venom, DE Racing and RadioPost. I truly appreciate each and every one of you for your help and support
TQ &1st Open Buggy
Losi 3.0, Aka CityBlocks & Impacts, VP Fuels 40%, FTW Night Fox Body, DE Wheels, RadioPost Radio& Servos, Venom Rec. pack, , Nova  P5 by Vp-Pro USA & Vp-Pro USA Accessories.
TQ & 2nd Open Truggy
Losi 8ight T 2.0, Aka CityBlocks, VP Fuels 30 %, FTW Body, DE Wheels, RadioPost Radio& Servos,  Dynamite .21, Venom Rec. pack,  Vp-Pro USA Accessories.
2rd  4x4 SCT
TEKNO SCT-410, Aka Enduro’s 2 , HOBBYWING 120 v3 Esc & Xerun 3656 SD 4000KV Motor “wow amazing power”,  FTW Body, DE Wheels, RadioPost Radio & Servos, Venom 2s Lipo,
4th  E-Buggy
TEKNO EB-48 , Aka CityBlocks & Impacts , HOBBYWING Xerun SCT-Pro  Esc & XERUN 4272 SD 2250KV Motor,  DE Wheels, RadioPost Radio & Servos, Venom 4s Lipo

Brian Miskolczi goes 4 for 4 at the Tiltyard in Dayton, VA.

By FalconSEKIDO RC Division
on July 08, 2013
Brian Miskolczi goes 4 for 4 at the 2nd Round of the Mid Atlantic Pro Series on June 29th at the Tiltyard in Dayton, VA.


 The 2nd Round of the Mid Atlantic RC Pro Series made its way to the Tiltyard, in Dayton VA. After some practice I was able to get all of my vehicles dialed in.  In qualifying I was able to TQ Pro Truggy, Pro E Buggy, Pro Corr 4x4 and qualified 4th in Pro Buggy. For the mains the format was 30 Minute Pro Nitro A Mains and Triple A Mains for the electric classes. I was able to convert my E Buggy TQ into a victory by winning the first two A Mains, Truggy I was able to do the same but only by 1 second over 2nd place at the end of the 30 minute main. In Pro Corr 4x4 I was able to win the first two A Mains, as the second A Main was cut short due to rain. Onto the Pro Buggy Main, after couple of passing showers we voted to run a 15 Minute main in the mud! The main started and I was able to work my way into the lead and win to take all 4 classes for the weekend. My AKA Tires, OS Engines, O’Donnell Fuel, Hobbywing Speed Control and Motors, Venom Batteries, FTW Bodies and Radiopost Radio helped me get to victory lane.


Thanks to all of my Sponsors: Awesome RC Hobbies, AKA, Hobbywing America/Falcon Sekido, Radiopost, FTW Bodies, SMC Batteries, GMK Supply, Venom, 4C Hobbu Supply, Upgrade RC and PCDRC Graffix!


Brian Miskolczi, SPD S

HWNA Team Driver