HOBBYWING is proud to announce that three more world class drivers being of the following names (European Champion Martin Bayer, ETS Stock-Class Champion Jan Ratheisky and BRCA National Champion Olly Jefferies) have agreed to terms to join HOBBYWING’S factory R/C Car Racing Team and will run HOBBYWING power systems effective from February 2017. Mr. Bayer will also be an important member of the growing off-road factory team especially in Europe and will be a major player in driving Hobbywing’s flagship power platform consisting of the ever popular XR10 PRO speed controller and V10 motor range throughout the off road scene. Mr. Ratheisky will also be HOBBYWING’s trackside support at all major on-road events that will be staged in Europe.

I am very happy I can join the HOBBYWING factory racing team. I tested many products last month to choose what is best for me. After first lap with HOBBYWING I know immediately this is what I need. The control feeling is incredible and power delivery is so smooth but in same time I have a lot of power delivered on wheels. I am very happy to represent HOBBYWING on all international races and give best support to the customers.

Thanks a lot to HOBBYWING for the chance to being part of their factory team for the next years. I’m very excited about the upcoming time and will use all my knowledge bring the best possible result. I will be present as trackside HOBBYWING supporter at most of the major European races like the ETS, Euros and else. I will also help HOBBYWING to build their European racing team. See you at the tracks around the world.

I'm extremely excited to be joining HOBBYWING in 2017 and beyond. The quality of the products is phenomenal along with the performance and reliability. I look forward to using the motors and speed controllers on some of our large UK tracks. Thanks to HOBBYWING for this opportunity.