We are pleased to inform you the following HOBBYWING motors and rotor have been approved for competition by the ROAR Executive Committee

The HOBBYWING Xerun 3660 sensor-brushless motor 1/8 mini is now listed in the ROAR forums as approved for competition (1/25/2017). Here is the link: http://roarracing.org/4rmb/showthread.php?1989-1-8-MOD-Hobbywing-NA-XeRUN-3660-G2-KV-s-Listed-11-15-2016.

The link to the prior approved HOBBYWING Xerun 3652 sensor-brushless motor for 4 x 4 SCT is here (1/12/2017): http://roarracing.org/4rmb/showthread.php?1990-MOD-540-4-Pole-4X4-SCT-Hobbywing-NA-XeRUN-3652-G2-KV-s-Listed-11-15-2016

Both motors are the world's first and only brushless motor supporting "full sensored-mode" paired by HOBBYWING ESC

We would like to thank ROAR for the approvals and support given to us and the R/C industry. 

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