on October 19, 2018

The filter capacitor can be installed at 3 locations in general.

#A. The capacitor is soldered at a power plug / the connector of battery & ESC .

#B. The capacitor is soldered directly on the ESC or at a position very close to the ESC "with very short pins".

#C. The capacitor is soldered at a position close to the ESC but the capacitor module has long external wires. (This method is similar to the usage of the cap module of many high-performance ESCs for a four-wheel application. ex. XR10 Pro ESC.  Although it is not the ideal situation to protect the ESC, the overall volume of the ESC would increase dramatically that it may be a problem for some chassis. therefore #C location is alternative method use in practice. 

According to our factory testing, neither #A nor #C has a good effect for filtering the ripple-current effect. Specifically, if the battery is more than 2S, the filtering effect of #A or #C method is bad that a capacitor does not serve its potential value. In contrast, #B location works fine under all conditions we have tested. This conclusion can be easily proved by monitoring the ripple waveform from the oscilloscope.




Blog: IMPORTANT NOTICE: Xrotor 45 Amp 4-1 usage recommendation.

on October 17, 2018
Xrotor 45A 4-1 ESC usage recommendation.
We appreciate the feedback the community has provided regarding the Xrotor 45 amp 4-1 esc. We have been taking note of your emails, service calls, and communication with our team pilots. Thank you.
HOBBYWING engineering and production staff will continue to review the Xrotor 45amp 4-1 as crucial and important part of our drone racing and freestyle line up. Thus far, it appears that failures outside the normal have some basic usage trends that could be related to the precautions mentioned below.
For all applications, please note the following.
1. Power capacitor must be installed. Every Xrotor 45amp 4-1 includes 2 power capacitors. One larger, and one smaller. The larger capacitor should be used for 5s-6s lipo, the smaller capacitor can be installed for 4s-5s lipo directly on the PCB (ESC), not by a power plug. Failure to use the included power capacitors will result in damage to your ESC.
2. BL_Heli_32 ESC settings can cause damage. Default settings should be used.
3. Motor KV ratings and prop size/pitch combinations recommendations.
- 4s Lipo using 5 inch props up to 2700KV
- 5s using 5 inch props, up to 2450 KV
- 6s using 5 inch props up to 1750 KV 
Any modification/alteration of the above setting will deem a product non-warranty. 
With any HOBBYWING product, if you have experienced and usage issues, please contact our service department directly. For customers in North America, visit - under Support to complete the form.
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Blog: XR10 Stock Spec G3 Combo

on October 03, 2018

perfect Combo for Stock / Zero timing / Oval racers. 


Combo name
COMBO L -XR10 STOCK 2S & V10 G3  (10.5T)
COMBO M -XR10 STOCK 2S & V10 G3  (13.5T)
COMBO N -XR10 STOCK 2S & V10 G3 ( 17.5T)
COMBO O -XR10 STOCK 2S & V10 G3 ( 21.5T)
COMBO P -XR10 STOCK 2S & V10 G3  (25.5T)


Stock Spec Combo is now available for North America available through

HOBBYWING Authorized stores

New product: XRotor 2306 Race Pro Motor

on September 19, 2018

Available through HOBBYWING Authorized stores

Blog: HobbyWing ESC throttle calibration with Vbar Control and Vbar NEO!

on August 20, 2018