HOBBYWING Care Shield Plan -XR10 series


Your choice: Justock G3S

Key Features
For XR10 ESC series

  • 1 Year of Replacement Coverage
  • Up to 3 Replacements for a nominal fee
  • Covers overloaded, burned, & Accidental Damage
  • Tech Support via Phone & Online Chat
  • Receive free shipping when a replacement is sent to you (within the US 48 states).
  • Additional Year of Extended Warranty Inspection Service
  • Hobbywing Care Shield Plan is available for all new items within 5 days of purchase

You can enjoy peace of mind with HOBBYWING Care Shield, a plan that covers damage to your XR10 ESC and offers convenient technical support. This plan is valid for 1 year and provides you up to a total of three replacements, no questions asked. Each replacement incurs a small fee, for an example of XR10 Stock Spec ESC (Regular price $124.99),  with your first standard replacement costing $49.99, and the second $79.99. If you decide to use up one of your two replacements for a No return, rapid replacement package, the fee is $99.99.

Standard replacements provide full, hassle-free coverage that includes damage due to accidents, such as damage upon installation, bad landing, water damage, collisions, and more. No return & rapid replacement package should be used in situations where the ESC has burned completely, such as a burned it toss it or you don't want to wait for the damage assessment process. Replacement units from HOBBYWING are brand new or equivalent to brand new in performance and reliability.

HW  Care Shield Plan - Replacement price

 1st unit 2nd unit Rapid replacement
XR10 Justock G3S
$29.99 $36.99 $44.99
XR10 Stock Spec (2S) $49.99 $89.99 $99.99
XR10 Stock Spec (1S) $49.99 $89.99 $99.99
XR10 Pro Legacy $59.99 $99.99 109.99
XR10 Pro 1S HD $99.99
$159.99 179.99
XR10 Pro G2S series  -  - see G2S Care Shield

How It Works
When you need to use HOBBYWING Care Shield Plan, you make an online repair request and then send your damaged ESC back to us. HOBBYWING receives it, does a damage assessment, and confirms a replacement fee. HOBBYWING will then send back your repaired ESC or replacement as soon as the payment is confirmed.

Extended Warranty
The ESC's warranty period is extended by one year without interruption (the extended warranty period is based on the purchase date of HOBBYWING Care Shield and the warranty of the XR10 ESC series. 

Shipping and Tech Support
HOBBYWING covers the shipping costs both ways and you can utilize exclusive technical support when needed via phone or online chat.