XRotor H11M system


Your choice: H11M 11122 70KV D50 CW

IMPORTANT: To ensure your safety in the North American region, please proceed with your order first. Afterward, submit the Product Release Form.Your order will not be shipped without the completed release form.  For the CAN digital throttle needs to be adapted and configured specifically by the flight controller and the Hobbywing CAN protocol. You are required to obtain the agreement from HOBBYWING, flight control manufacturer and/or any other agencies necessary.

Recommended uniaxial load: 25-28kg
Lithium compatible: 14S (Max 65V)
Applicable carbon tube: 50mm (diameter)
Protection level: IP45
Max.Torque: 57.5kg
Ambient temperature: -30°C-65°C
Total weight (excluding propellers): 4350g
Support throttle frequency: 50-500Hz
Recommended Prop Dimension: 48 x 17.5 inch | Weight (straight Propeller): 415g

The HOBBYWING H11M 11122 70KV brushless power system is a coaxial industrial-grade solution designed for single-axis loads ranging from 25 to 28 kg, with a maximum pulling force of 57.5 kg. It is compatible with 50mm carbon fiber tube arms and boasts an IP45 waterproof protection rating. Offering efficient heat dissipation, it serves as a versatile power solution for various applications, including large-load operations, fire services, logistics, emergencies, and more.

The FOC ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) features CAN communication, a dual redundant design for digital and PWM throttle options, power-on self-test, fault storage, over-current protection, motor block protection, and other protective functions.".