XERUN DRX motor - Drag Racing PRO series

  • Gearing guideline

    Reasonable selection of gear ratio is very important. Improper gear ratio may cause damage. You can select the gear ratio according to the following points!

    The operating temperature of the motor

    The motor temperature should be lower than 100 degrees Celsius (212 degrees Fahrenheit) in operation. High temperature may cause the magnets to get

    demagnetized, the coil to melt and short circuit, and the ESC to get damaged. A proper gearing ratio can effectively prevent the motor from overheating.

    The principle of selecting gear ratio
    To avoid the possible damage to ESC and motor caused by the overheating, please start with a small pinion/a big FDR and check the motor temperature regularly. If the motor and ESC temperature stays at a low level during the operation, you can change a larger pinion/a lower FDR and also check the motor temperature regularly to ensure that the new FDR is suitable for your vehicle, local weather and track condition. (Note: For the safety of electric devices, please check the ESC and motor temperature regularly.)

XeRun DRX 3662 SD motor $119.99 USD $170.00 USD
XeRun DRX 3652 SD motor $99.99 USD $140.00 USD