XRotor X9 Plus system


Your choice: 9620 100KV D40 CW

IMPORTANT: To ensure your safety in the North American region, please proceed with your order first. Afterward, submit the Product Release Form.Your order will not be shipped without the completed release form.  For the CAN digital throttle needs to be adapted and configured specifically by the flight controller and the Hobbywing CAN protocol. You are required to obtain the agreement from HOBBYWING, flight control manufacturer and/or any other agencies necessary.

Recommended Takeoff Weight: 11-13kg/axis
Total Weight: 1760g
Recommended LiPo Battery: 12-14S
Propeller: 36190
Tube Diameter: 40mm
Recommended craft: For drones w/ a water load capacity of less than 30 liters

The COMBO-XRotor Pro-X9 brushless power system is designed for plant protection and is suitable for uniaxial loads ranging from 11 to 13 kg. It features a maximum pulling force of 27 kg and is equipped with 40mm carbon fiber tube arms. The system has an IPX7 waterproof rating, making it resistant to rainwater, pesticides, salt spray, high temperatures, sand, dust, impact, mud, and soil.

The ESC FOC-motor PMS system includes optimized computing and offers multiple protection functions, including power-on self-check, protection against power-on voltage abnormalities, over-current protection, lock-up protection, and more. Additionally, it supports real-time data transmission.