Platinum V4 ESC- Throttle Calibration & V-Control

Compatibility of HOBBYWING Xrotor with Tiger Motor


R/C 101 - Understanding R/C

Everyone starts from something.  try to list the basics of basics.

ESC can't connect to my LCD program box

For instruction, please visit

Where can we download the HWNA team setup sheet (Xerun 120A V3.1 ESC) ?

You can directly print out from the USB Software but the editable PDF is also available along with some great tips for various conditions. >> Download 


Xerun SCT PRO, getting stuck at "programming ESC" screen?
When users upgrade Xerun SCT Pro ESC while the Rx wire is still in the receiver (at the throttle), please make sure that the receiver output a neutral signal. If the throttle signal is beyond the neutral, then the ESC will ignore the communication with the Program box, it will only accept the signal from the Rx wire.  >> Read more


 Xerun 1s 120a esc V3 stock with timing adj to v3 stock no timing 

problem with 1s 120a xerun esc. I was updating my settings from V3 stock with timing adj to v3 stock no timing software and now when I turn it on I get green blink twice with 2 beeps and speedo does not work. please help.
 >> Troubleshoot


# Can't set up the Throttle/ Brake end points with DX4S Radio
When I tried to set the Throttle/Brake end points for Xerun SCT PRO combo it wouldn't let me program the full brake end point with the new DX4S Radio.

Check the ABS function is enabled.  If it is, disable this function first. then properly set the Throttle/Brake end points on the ESC.

What is the design temp for HW ESC and Motor? 

Generally, our ESC is designed for the performance at temperature range upto 70, the highest at 80 ℃ (150F-176F). Any higher temp will result in damaging ESC.  For HOBBYWING brushless Motor, 90-100℃ (194-212F) is within threshold.  Any higher temp will damage the motor. 

My LCD program box does not work..

Following reasons are the most common problems

  1. LCD program box is not connected to a ESC correctly.
    Please check the connection between the ESC and the program box.  Especially for Xerun SCT-PRO, the wire needs to connect at 'the fan wire port'.  Meaning you need to dis-connect the fan wire to connect with the wire cable from the program box.   - This is the most common mistake.
  2. Old firmware: Update the latest firmware.
  3. The ESC is not suitable for the LCD program box:
Where can I return my product? 

Before you return a product, you need to obtain a return merchandise authorization number (RA#).  For more information, please visit

Who is the authorized Hobbywing dealer in North America?

Unfortunately, it's been many mixed messages circulating around among various forums  ex.  On behalf of Hobbywing Technology and FalconSEKIDO sincerly apologize for the confusion.  we have established the authorized dealer list in North America at retailer page or contact Hobbywing of North America directly (

Where can I find the USB software of LCD Program box?
The file is compressed '.rar' file. Please advice that you need uncompress software to install the software to your PC.

How can I become the authorized Hobbywing dealer?
If you are interested in becoming an authorized Hobbywing dealer in the US or Canada,  please contact us at
We will then send you the FalconSEKIDO Dealer Application Form.
What are the benefits to become an authorized hobbywing dealer?
  1. Every product distributed from FalconSEKIDO comes with Hobbywing limited warranty*
  2. Special wholesale price
  3. Premium accessto Hobbywing New Products. * The new products will be available 3-5 months prior to general market. Think about what kind of campaign you can create! 
How can I get a dealer price list

You need to become a dealer in order to receive the wholesale price list.


Where can I get User's Manual of Xerun ESC?

You can download all Hobbywing User's Manual at our DOWNLOAD page.  

 If you have any further questions about the product, our technical engineers are happy to help answering your question.  Please visit Contact Us or email at


How to install the heat sink on to Xerun 120A 1S ESC?

Please find 3 steps instruction
Before proceed, please note that it is your sole responsibility to install the heat sink on ESC. Hobbywing nor FalconSEKIDO won't be able to ensure the performance as result of the installation. 


Step 1
Open the upper case of product.
Step 2
After opening the upper case, remove the top cover (1S design)
Step 3
Insert the accessory heat sink from the bottom side of upper case, then close the upper case.

Switching frequency of Platinum 120A-HV ESC

The switching frequency (or PWM frequency) is 12 Khz / 8 Khz, the default value is 12 Khz.
For detailed information please for four to the instruction manual provided with the ESC. When you run a few tests you can decide which frequency you will need to use. 
Most of motors, 8Khz is enough but higher the RPM, more pole, 12Khz will give you more smooth feedback.